The Directors Office had a Tall Circular Display planted with a branched Dracaena Marginarta Plant

Metallic Silver & Stainless Steel Plant Displays installed to offices in Stafford & Nuneaton

11th Oct 2016

Brushed Stainless Steel & Metallic Silver were the finishes chosen for the Plant Containers of an Internet company with offices in Stafford & Nuneaton...

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Could this be the oldest plant in the world?

130 million year old plant could be the world’s first flower

26th Sep 2016

Experts dated the plant at between 125 million and 130 million years old and showed that despite appearances it was an angiosperm, or flowering plant.

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Striking Modern Plant Displays for Bolton BL5 offices

Logistics Manchester add Modern Plants to their new Offices

12th Sep 2016

A Manchester based Logistics company were keen to add Plant Displays to the offices of their brand new building. They wanted the displays to be modern & visually striking whilst still fitting in with the Corporate look of the building. The completion of the building was so....

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Award Winning Exterior Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance

Plant Care Technician wins National Garden Award

3rd Sep 2016

One of our team has won the Garden Renovation of the Year Competition held by House Beautiful Magazine. The magazine congratulated Jon & Elaine on winning & said Elaine & Jon have turned their garden into a dreamy award-winning space.....

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Healthier More Productive Employees when Plant Displays are included in the office

Having plants in your office will increase employee productivity

31st Aug 2016

Motivated and healthy employees are a companies greatest asset. However in a competitive marketplace there is always a drive for companies to be more efficient than their competitors. This often invo...

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Large bushy green Palm Trees located in a sunny Solihull Reception area

Plants make Solihull offices healthier

26th Jul 2016

We were asked by a client in Soilhull to install a plant scheme to improve the air quality and humidity of the office environment, as Staff had been complaining of dry eyes and sore throats. The offices were seal...

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Plants Have Feelings new research shows

Plants have feelings

12th Jul 2016

Recent research shows that Plants produce stress signals in response to threatening changes in its environment. The research that was published in the science journal “Nature Communications”, discovered that plants exhibit stress in a similar way to animals and humans....

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Exterior Landscaping using Cubis for the entrance of The Crowne Plaza London Docklands Hotel

Plants for London Docklands & Gatwick Airport

11th Jul 2016

We recently completed two plant display installations in London. Container based planting was supplied for the exterior of the “Crowne Plaza London Docklands Hotel” and south of the city we supplied ...

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Cabinets with built in Planters give maximum visual impact as well as all of the other Health Benefits that live plants bring

Built in Cabinet Planters for Oxford offices

4th Jul 2016

This office fit out was modern and minimalistic, which I really like. However these interiors whilst being very clutter free are also quite clinical and unwelcoming...

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Green Plant Containers using Recycled Materials

Recycled Planters for offices in Birmingham

27th Jun 2016

We recently installed some of our latest range of Recycled Planters to an office on the Hagley Road in Birmingham. The recycling process transforms old office equipment is transformed into modern and col...

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