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Plants make a big difference to Worcester offices

28th October 2016

Our latest customer had recently moved into brand new offices in Worcester. They had commissioned some modern original artwork and wanted to finish the interior design with some healthy green plant displays, fully maintained by Office Landscapes.

      Charcoal Grey circular Palm Plant Display in the corner of this Worcester office Meeting Room    Office Breakout area with a Striking Red Plant Display next to funky modern seating

We wanted to keep the scheme simple and used just two types of displays - tall circular and rectangular. The tall circular displays were planted to 2.0m high & gave a good visual impact, as they could be seen all around the offices. The rectangular displays were used for screening, hiding desk ends and cables and giving privacy screening to desks that were situated on corridors and walk ways.

       Colourful, bright & beautiful Sansiveria plants add Pazaz to this open plan Worcester office

The plant displays were well received by the staff and the general consensus was “What a big difference the plants make!”

Rectangular planter with Zamiifolia living tropical plants located on the end of an office desk   Tall rectangular Barrier Plant Displays is a perfect fit to screen off this office desk

    Rectangular Plant Display used as a green office screen on the 1st floor of these Worcester offices

Contact Us to see what a difference we can make to your office, with our rented & fully maintained plant displays

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