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Beach Plants for Midlands Law Firm Offices

14th October 2016

One of our long standing Midlands customers wanted some plant displays with a WOW factor for their newly refurbished offices.

After viewing our extensive range of catalogues on our Brochure Page, Beach Plant Containers were chosen from page 12 of our Fleur Ami Brochure.  

                 Beach Planters planted with Corkscrew Rush against a purple wall in an office corridor

Beach Planters are round fibreglass containers encrusted with Patella Sacharina Shells meticulously placed by hand. They come in three sizes and can be used on their own, or placed on top of one of our tall square Planter Pedestals.

                    Gorgeous Beach Plant Displays either side of the corridor leading to the main office

Wavy & Windswept Plants

Once the planters were chosen, the next thing was to select plants that would best compliment the containers. The wavy windswept looking Corkscrew rush  was the perfect choice.

                   Beach Plant containers for Birmingham Lawyers offices Juncus effusus 'Spiralis' Corkscrew Rush

In main Reception we also supplied some Stack displays finished in our clients corporate Purple & planted with bushy Howea Forsteriana Palms.

                                           Main office Reception Plant Displays finished in corporate Purple

For stunning & innovative plant Displays Contact Office Landscapes

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