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Metallic Silver & Stainless Steel Plant Displays installed to offices in Stafford & Nuneaton

11th October 2016

Brushed Stainless Steel & Metallic Silver were the finishes chosen for the Plant Containers of an Internet company with offices in Stafford & Nuneaton.

The Stafford offices had been completely refurbished and contemporary artwork had been used to decorate the walls. But it was felt that the offices were still a little too harsh and unwelcoming. The CEO thought introducing some plant displays would solve this & contacted Office Landscapes to get a free quote & some design ideas.

                        Tall square silver Dracaena Marginarta Plant Display in the corner of these Nuneaton offices    Directors office has a tall circular stainless steel display with a Dracaena Marginarta plant  

Colourful Modern & Neutral

After walking round the Stafford offices and talking to the client, Metallic Silver was chosen as the colour for the plant containers. It’s a modern colour and fitted in well with the other colour schemes already being used in the offices. Plant wise we wanted to use some colourful & variegated plants to brighten up the high profile areas.

                      A colourful Croton Petra Plant Display brigtens up this Nuneaton office Reception   Colurful & Compact Sansiveia Plant Displays decorates an empty corner by the main office Reception CV10 7RJ 

Bespoke Stainless Steel Displays

The Directors were based at the Nuneaton offices, so high specification Stainless steel displays were decided on. Space was limited in the Directors offices so we used small cabinet top displays planted with mixed & colourful plants. In the corridors we used space saving Rectangular displays, they are only 30cm from front to back & are a great way of adding greenery to narrow corridors. Elsewhere compact tall circular displays were used on the stairs landing, planted with tall slim Dracaena Ulysses living tropical plants.

 Office Breakout area is made more relaxing with a rectangular plant display with Dracaena StudneriThis slimline green plant display looks great in the corridor to the ground floor offices

This tall circular plant display makes the main stairs to the first floor offices more welcomingThis mixed & colourful table top plant display is positioned on a corrner filing cabinet

Make your workplace a place you want to be rather than a place you have to be….Contact Office Landscapes for a free Quote today!

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