Tall Trees

We offer a comprehensive range of interior trees to suit any location, from miniature Bonsai trees to large 8.0m (26ft) Ficus trees. Large trees are used in many locations where maximum impact is required, such as office atriums, shopping centres, restaurants and leisure centres.

Tall trees come in lots of different varieties, the most popular is the green or variegated Ficus Tree. Other varieties such as Palm trees, Bamboos and red or green leaf Maple trees are also available.


Live tropical trees are a favourite with many of our clients, however where circumstances dictate we can also supply artificial or preserved trees. Indoor artificial trees have real wooden trunks and branches, which are carefully drilled to accept the artificial foliage. Fake trees are very realistic and sometimes we have to ask people not to water them, as they often get mistaken for the real thing!

For more information on large Artificial trees view our blog - "Indoor Trees – Bringing the Outdoors Inside"

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