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Green Screens & Vertical Gardens

29th November 2016

Our urban environments are being transformed by vertical landscaping. These vertical gardens are extremely space saving, highly visual & healthy.

There are many different ways you can use vertical landscaping in and around your office, here are a few ideas…

Ivy Screens are low maintenance outdoor walls, which are pre-grown in the Nursery & can be used to create instant impact.

                    Instant Green Ivy Screens for office exteriors

Green Office Screens can be used anywhere in the office to create a natural barrier.

                                                        Green Office Plant Screen

Moss walls are a very cost effective alternative to Living Walls, not only do they look great but they only need minimal maintenance. View images of Moss Walls and Moss Pictures here

                                            Green Moss walls are cost effective & low maintenance

Green Walls are indoor or outdoor vertical gardens. They look superb are relaxing & healthy to be around and are fully maintained by Office Landscapes.

                                          Green Walls for offices, shops & public spaces

If you want Green Walls we’ve got it covered, have a look at our full range of Green Walls here or contact us for a free quote.

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