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Having plants in your office will increase employee productivity

31st August 2016

Motivated and healthy employees are a companies greatest asset. However in a competitive marketplace there is always a drive for companies to be more efficient than their competitors. This often involves streamlining the business, reducing staff numbers and cutting costs. So what if there was a low cost way of increasing employees productivity, health and motivation?

Sick buildings produce sick employees

Human beings have only very recently evolved into beings which spend 90% of their time indoors. We have also managed to make our ‘dwellings’ several floors high, with sealed windows and recycled air, as well as using smaller windows with not much  natural light. So it’s hardly surprising  employees get tired, ill and often have low performance levels. 

Green Revolution

The green revolution is in full swing. Employers are  now realising that people perform, heal and learn much better when there is sufficient daylight, fresh air and people-friendly spaces. But certainly not all companies, have the budgets available to them to build fantastic new green buildings.

                                   Healthier more productive employees

Extensive Research        

Many research studies have shown that plants in the workplace, do a great deal more for people and buildings than simply improve the atmosphere. Office Plants make employees healthier, more productive and give them a cleaner environment to work in.

  1. Plants purify the air and
  2. thereby improve people’s health.
  3. Plants improve the acoustics, especially in modern open plan offices.
  4. Plants result in demonstrably improved performance levels.
  5. Plants increase people’s general feeling of wellbeing. Research conducted in the care sector specifically shows that patients literally recover more quickly with views of or access to green.

Article source; IntoGreen.nl

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