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Moss Walls with a lot of Wow!

18th July 2019

Moss Walls are a WOW factor, low maintenance way to create amazing Green Walls for your work place.

One of our Birmingham clients wanted an eye catching Green Wall for their new Reception.

They considered having a Live Planted Green Wall, but were put off by the high installation & ongoing maintenance costs. So we suggested a real preserved Moss Wall.

The brief was to create a really eye catching centre piece, for the newly refurbished building Reception.

           Moss Wall CGI design

After discussions with our client and their interior designer, we had got a couple of designs that everyone was happy with.  

To give interest & texture, the designs used three different types of Moss - Flat Moss, Bun Moss & Reindeer Moss. As part of the design we used three different colours of Reindeer Moss - Spring, Dark & Forest Green Reindeer Moss.

 Moss wall design  Moss wall design using different types of moss

After some fine tuning the final design was decided on and this was the end result…

   Moss Wall Art for Birmingham office Reception.

   Moss Wall Art Wow Factor for this Birmingham building Reception

   Moss Wall Art Design for this Birmingham office Reception

Selfie Wall

This Moss Wall became a big talking point and it became known as the "Selfie Wall" as lots of employees used it for Selfies!

Moss Signs & Moss Art Pictures

We can also supply Moss Signs and Moss Art pictures. Here’s some we’ve recently installed

 Moss Signs for Office Receptions in the West Midlands  Moss signs for Receptions in the Midlands

         Moss Art Pictures for offices in the Midlands     Moss Art Pictures for office Receptions in the West Midlands

For more information on Moss Walls click on the following…

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