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Moss Walls

20th November 2017

Our Moss Walls have proved to be one of the most popular Green Walls this year. They are made from real moss that is preserved, which gives you all the benefits of living Moss, with the added bonus that preserved moss needs little or no maintenance.

How it’s preserved

The real living moss is treated with natural ingredients that replace the water in the cell structure. The preserved moss needs no water or light to survive and won’t wilt or die. We can create gorgeous Moss Walls using the three main types of Moss – Reindeer Moss, Bun Moss and flat Moss. The preserved Moss looks and feels vibrant and fres - just like living Moss.

Types of Moss

Moss walls use two main types of moss, Reindeer Moss or Bun Moss. The Reindeer moss is smaller and more uniform and the Bun Moss is made up of larger bun shaped spheres. Moss can be used to cover whole walls, or it can be framed to make large or small Moss Pictures. We can also make Moss Logos – see the picture below of a Moss Recycling Logo we have installed recently. The two most popular colours of moss are dark green or light green, although we can colour moss to almost any colour and produce some really unusual & vibrant Moss Art.

View images of Moss Walls and Moss Pictures here

Large Framed Moss Wall 1.5m x 3.0m

We recently installed a Moss Wall to an Environmental Companies London office Reception. We used dark green Reindeer Moss and framed it with a white wooden frame. We also supplied a Recycling Logo made out of Moss.

                    Moss Walls supplied and installed to a London office Reception


                   Moss Logo supplied to the office Reception of this London Environmental company

                                                                 Watch a short video of the installation here...

                                                      Video of a Moss Wall installation to office in London      

Interested in getting a Gorgeous Moss Wall for your workplace? Contact us for a free quotation!

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