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Moss Pictures

3rd August 2015

Moss walls are the latest trend for office interiors. But if you don't want a complete Moss Wall we now have a smaller version. Moss Pictures can be made to any size and you can choose a natural wooden, or metal frame that can be supplied in any colour.

                                    Moss picture frame are a smaller version of Moss walls

TV Projector Wall

Our latest installation was to a Birmingham social club. They had a bare wall that was occasionally used for the TV projector, when a major sporting event was on. But most of the time the wall was bare. The Moss picture was designed so that it could be easily removed from the wall when the TV projector was being used.

                                Moss Pictures & an artificial lavender grass display     Moss Picture frames can be supplied in natural wood or any other colour to match your interior decor

 Colour Co-ordinated

The frame was sprayed a contrasting colour so that it matched the interior decor.

View images of Moss Walls and Moss Pictures here

More Information

Green Moss Walls

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Moss Pictures and Screen Planting 

Or take a video tour around our Moss Wall showroom here

                                  Moss Walls & Pictures Showroom Video

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