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Green Moss Walls

9th April 2014

Following the launch of our wall mounted Live Picture ' Living Art office plant displays,  our latest product Green Moss Walls creates green walls using preserved moss. These vertical green walls are a more cost effective option, require minimal maintenance and can be supplied in a variety of different colour shapes and sizes.

                                            Green Walls in moss

                                            Kate Moss Green Wall

                                            Kate Moss green wall

Shapes and Sizes:

Wooden Picture frames - square or rectangular.  

                                            Moss Picture Frames Square

                                                   Moss Picture Frames Rectangular 120cm by 60cm

Corporate Green Walls

  Green wall in preserved moss      Green Moss Wall in a Conference centre

Shapes and Sizes

          Green moss wall Ying Yang shape  Green Moss Wall corporate logo shape


Our three most popular colours are Moss Green, Spring Green and Natural ' other colours are also available on request.

                                                                  Moss Colours

About Green Moss Walls.

The moss we use is real moss that has been preserved using natural ingredients such as glycerine and is fully sustainable and ecological. The preserved moss doesn't require any water or light, smells fresh and won't wilt or die. It looks and feels like living moss and is almost maintenance free only requiring occasional dusting. The moss panels also have great acoustic qualities as a wall cladding and are ideal for reducing noise and echo in minimalistic modern interiors.

Fully sustainable and ecological

Improves acoustics

No maintenance required

Smells fresh and green

Won't discolour (out of direct sunlight)

Fire retardant

Does not attract bugs

Not suitable for exterior use and should be kept out of very humid or cold environments. Direct sunlight may cause fading.

View images of Moss Walls and Moss Pictures here

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