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Artificial Green Walls

6th November 2017

Our Artificial Green walls are an effective way of introducing Landscaping into offices & reception areas. What makes it so effective is having the planting up on the wall, makes it an extremely visual focal point. Another big benefit is that vertical landscaping doesn’t take up any floor space and when space is in short supply that’s a big benefit.

Live, Moss and Artificial Green Walls

We supply all three types of green walls. Our Artificial Green Walls look very realistic and have the added benefit of needing little or no maintenance & no ongoing plant replacements. So after the initial outlay, artificial green walls are very cost effective.

Student Proof

Here’s a green wall we recently installed into a brand new Student accommodation building in Leamington Spa. The client wanted a robust low maintenance Green Wall that would look good, but also be “student proof”.

Watch a Video of this installation here

Whichever Green Wall you want, we can provide you with a free quotation for your very own Gorgeous Green Wall.

Contact Us for a free quote today & add the WOW factor to your workplace!

                                                    Artificial Green Walls installed in London

                     Artificial Green Walls

                                                   Artificial Green Walls supplied & installed in Manchester, Leeds & Liverpool

                                                   Artificial Green Walls for Offices & Receptions in Birmingham & the West Midlands

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