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Indoor Trees - Bringing the Outdoors Inside

12th January 2015

Indoor Trees ' Bringing the Outdoors Inside

These interior trees are made using real recycled tree trunks and branches, which are dried for one year before being used.  Once the shape of the tree has been recreated, the real wooden branches are drilled and replica leaves are added. Each tree is hand built and unique.

  Podacarpus Cloud tree - artificial      Schefflera Canopy artificial tree

                          Podacarpus 'Cloud Tree'                                                       Schefflera Canopy Tree

We can supply trees up to 10m high and 8m diameter in a wide variety of foliage : Olive, Pine, Flowering - Cherry/  Acacia, Oak, Podocarpus, Ficus oriental, Apple, Hornbeam, Orange, Lemon etc.

  Silver birch artificial tree 4.5m    Silver Birch real stem close up

 Artificial apple tree    Artificial olive tree awaiting despatch

   Wisteria artificial tree     Artificial Schefflera tree

Having Plants and Trees indoors has many benefits.

Concentration and Memory. Being around plants helps people concentrate better in the home and workplace.

Flowers & Plants Generate Happiness.  Having plants & flowers around the home and office greatly improves people's moods and reduces the likelihood of stress-related depression. Flowers and ornamental plants increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed.

Improved Human Performance/Energy.  Spending time in natural environments makes people better at doing their jobs. It also increases energy levels and feelings of vitality.

Accelerates the Healing Process.  The presence of plants in hospital recovery rooms and/or views of aesthetically-pleasing gardens help patients to heal faster, due to the soothing effects of ornamental horticulture.

Source; Health and well-being benefits of plants

  Flowering tree artificial    Schefflera Canopy tree with artificial foliage

For more information on Tall Trees view our Tall Trees page  or to get a free quote contact us.

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