Artificial Green Walls

Our Artificial Green Walls are a low maintenance way of adding Green Interior Landscaping to your workplace. They don’t take up valuable floor space & create a visual green focal point for offices, Receptions & Meeting Rooms.                                                                                                          These modular green walls are made up of 50cm x 50cm or 100cm x 100cm square panels. They can be supplied as large Green Walls or as smaller “Artificial Plant Pictures” that can be hung individually onto your wall.

Artificial Green Wall witha frame

You can have simple same species green planting, or mixed and colourful planting using different plant varieties.

           Themed Artificial Green Wall in office Restaurant

                                                                                                     Replica Green Walls have many advantages over Living Green Walls.

They create instant impact – you don’t have to wait for the plants to grow to full size. 

No ongoing plant replacements and little or no maintenance required

Ideal for use in Low Light conditions  and areas that are difficult to access.

            Large Green Wall patterened with different species of plants

Artificial Green walls need very little maintenance, just an occasional dusting with a feather duster or brush.     

If the green wall is going to be positioned in direct sunlight we can also supply replica plants that are uv fade resistant.

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