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Staff Vote For Plants

21st April 2015

We recently installed a variety of office plant displays and indoor trees into a large corporate call centre.

Our client wanted to install a comprehensive interior landscaping scheme in one area of the call centre and survey their employees' responses.

Our brief was to create a softer, more natural and healthier environment for their employees to work in.

The premises were surveyed by one of our interior landscape experts and a scheme was designed taking into account light and temperature levels, available space and the impact that the client wanted to create.

A mixture of living tropical plants, artificial plants and indoor trees were used, ranging in size from 1.0m to 7.0m in height..

After the plant displays had been installed, the employees were surveyed to find out what they thought of their new greener interior landscape.
The findings are below.

What do you think of the new planting scheme?

  Staff in the open plan offices of one of HSBC's large call centres vote for plants to improve their workplace

Selected comments on the Planting Scheme

  • "I personally like the trees the best, and feel they enhance the environment" - A.D. - Customer Services 
  • "I like them all. I think we need a variety, and plenty of them, to create a more relaxed and friendly environment" B.M. - Banking Services 
  • "It gives a natural relaxed feel at work. At one with nature" H.T. - Credit Review
  • The plants/trees are a brilliant idea - they make the environment a lot less sterile" S.D. - Archives 
  • "A nice mix. I would like to see a lot more greenery around the building" 
    I.R. - Mortgage Services 
  • "The larger trees are more effective" E.H. - Card Approvals

More Human with Plants in the Workplace:

However urbanised western humanity may be, we always feel more at home, happy & relaxed with nature. That's hardly surprising since the need for greenery is in our genes. Throughout our lengthy evolution, plants have always provided us with food, shelter and healing. Just the sight of greenery makes us feel relaxed and contented.

Researchers have discovered that a view of greenery can result in a demonstrable reduction in stress within five minutes. Research in the Netherlands has shown that people who spend more than four hours a day working at a computer monitor feel better and are more productive with plants in the workplace!

The findings of another scientific study showed, that hospital patients with a view of greenery recover more quickly than patients who do not have such a view. The view of greenery produces a calming and relaxed feeling.

As well as giving your company a green image, looking after the health and well being of employees provides substantial benefits; less employee absence due to illness and better performance.

In the modern world well maintained indoor plants provide a solution to the stresses of the modern workplace naturally.

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