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Our Company History

25th April 2012

A Brief History

Office Landscapes was started over 40 years ago by our founders Kenneth and Nancy, since they retired the  company still remains a family business with three family members filling their shoes.

A lot of things have changed since the early 1970's as you can see from our first brochure :-  Click on the Our First Brochure picture (to the right) or here to view >

Back then the choice of containers was limited to cheap looking, mass produced plastic or wooden containers designed for use in gardens.

Office Landscapes added to the limited choice then available when Ken, drawing on his skills and training from his apprenticeship as a pattern maker, turned his hand to producing hand made wooden plant containers.

This was at the time a new innovation in the interior landscaping industry and offered customers an attractive alternative to the mass produced garden containers then available.

Made from Mahogany hardwood and waterproof lined, they were available as square or rectangular containers. The rectangular displays came with the option of detachable legs which raised the display up by about 18” giving more visual impact. Some of these original containers still survive to this day and are in excellent condition, a testament to Office Landscapes quality 40 years on.

Some years later Office Landscapes added to their product range with their new modern fibreglass plant containers range. Click on the Our Second Brochure picture (left) or here to view.

These plant containers were available in a number of different colours, sizes and shapes such as, circular, hexagonal, square and rectangular and proved a popular addition to the handmade  wooden containers.

With Nancy's plant care expertise and marketing skills and the expanding product range, Office Landscapes soon grew in size, going from strength to strength and is today a large dynamic business supplying office landscaping for companies across the U.K.




We're big enough to tackle large projects, such as installing almost 1,000 plant displays to HSBC's Worldwide Headquarters at Canary Wharf. Whilst at the same time we're small enough to supply a few plant displays to a local School or small business.

Because of our companies manageable size we are able to continue giving that friendly, one to one personal service that we have been committed to since day one.

We have a very low turnover of staff which means that many of our customers get to deal with the same, very experienced people, over a long period of time. Some of our customers have been dealing with the same Contract Manager and Plant Care Technician for over 15 years.

You can rest assured we are never going to become a large faceless plc company.

Office Landscapes Plants (Midlands) Ltd, 39, Macdonald Street, Birmingham, B5 6TG, West Midlands.

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