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10th May 2016

HSBC Worldwide Headquarters - Canary Wharf.

Office Landscapes have installed almost 1,000 plant displays in one of the UK's most famous landmark office buildings - HSBC 's prestigious Global HQ at Canary Wharf.

During the planning and design stage we worked with the client and their architect, putting forward different ideas, as well as providing samples of office plants and containers.
Our brief was to select office plant displays that would be in keeping with the Bank's image as well as enhancing their new cutting edge landmark building.

Once the client had decided which interior plant displays they wanted, all we had to do then was order and deliver them. Working closely with their Facilities team to ensure that this caused as little disruption as possible, the office plant displays were delivered in batches of 100, phased over a period of time to meet the customer's requirements.

Referred to as "The Tower" HSBC's HQ is the second tallest office skyscraper in Great Britain, located in the heart of the prestigious Canary Wharf area, it stands 42 floors high.


                     Plants inside HSBC Canary Wharf offices               

                Plant number 586.....only a few hundred to go!


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