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Moss Pictures & Screen Planting

3rd November 2015

We recently installed a planting scheme which made use of long rectangular displays to create green screens and barriers.

Also used was one of our latest products - Moss Pictures  The pictures were very well received by the staff and quickly became a talking point.

 Moss pictures on the walls of birmingham office corridor Moss pictures on the walls of birmingham city centre offices

                        Moss walls and pictures supplied to office throughout the west midlands                     

The preserved Moss is very soft, springy & tactile and is a great way of adding interest & colour to bare walls. The Moss pictures can be made to any size and are a great smaller alternative to having a full Moss Wall. View images of Moss Walls and Moss Pictures here

Barrier & Screen Planting

Nearby in a Breakout /Quiet Zone area we installed some tall barrier planting to give some screening and sound proofing.

      Barrier planters using Kentia Palms with Moss Pictures in the background.

The client wanted to create some natural screens to break up the open plan offices. This we achieved using 'Retro rectangular planters' on top of the cabinet tops, finished in bold & bright retro modern colours

These displays provide a cost effective way of bringing plants into the office, when floor space for larger floor standing displays is in short supply. Being at eye level the plants add a lot of green to the office as they are easily  visible from all around.

  Green Cabinet top rectangular planters  Cabinet top planters on the 17th floor of Birmingham office block

                                               Retro 1970s orange cabinet top plant displays

Funky Modern Main Reception

Some lovely tall square containers with soft curved edges and different coloured rims, added the finishing touches to the Reception at City Centre Tower Birmingham.

                     Birmingham Reception Planter two tone with white rim

Birmingham skyline - old and new.

One of the perks of our job is we get birds eye views of the town centre, from the tall office building we deliver plants to. Looking out we could see the ultra modern Cube building contrasting with some nearby Victorian buildings in the foreground.

                       Old and new The Cube in Birmingham with Victorian buildings in the foreground

If you would like to make a difference to your workplace with some natural green, why not get in touch  for a free quotation.

                                                                Tall square green and white rimmed display with a Zamiifolia plant

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