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mini Green Walls

17th August 2017

Plants on walls are becoming evermore popular. Covering a whole wall with plants gives a fantastic visual impact & will also give your office a big health & productivity boost. However for smaller offices, our “mini Green Walls” are an excellent & very cost effective alternative.

Our mini Green Walls are Live Pictures made up of living plants and are regularly maintained by one of our Technicians. 

               1 mini Green Walls, Live Pictures, Living Pictures for offices & Restaurants

   mini Green Walls with live plants for Milton Keynes offices   2a Live Picture mini Green Walls look superb in offices, receptions and meeting rooms

Choose from five different sizes, Live Picture 1, 2, 3 ,4 and Live Picture XL

Download the brochure from here

                    mini Green Walls, Live Picture 1,2,3,4 and Live Picture XL

We also supply Preserved Moss Walls, Artificial Green Walls and Live Green Walls.

                            Moss wall & artificial bamboo plants in this Milton Keynes  serviced office reception

          Green Walls Interior & Exterior Greening the Grey                                                                                 

         Contact Us today and get a free quotation for a healthy, space saving Green Wall – BIG or small

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