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Make your office COVID secure with Green Screens and Plant Barriers

11th March 2021

Check out our latest range of Green Screens moveable Plant Dividers and Plant pot hand sanitisers.

                       Green Screens Moss Walls office room  dividers with plants

These gorgeous Moss Screens not only look great they also help with sound absorption and echo reduction. They come with lockable wheels which makes your office space more flexible. The Bun Moss shown above has the best sound absorption qualities of all of the different types of Mosses.

                     Moss Wall Office Room Dividers Green Screens with plants

Moss Screens have lots of different panel options using different types & colours of Moss & panels with plants & decorative wood.

             Portable office screen room dividers with moss wood and plants Portable office screen room dividers with moss wood and plants

Live Planted Green Screens can be supplied with or without wheels.

               Green Walls on wheels portable office dividers with plants Portable Green Walls office dividers with plants

Planted screens are also available with live or artificial plants and can be planted on one or both sides.

              Room Dividers and green office screens with live plantsRoom Dividers and green office screens with artificial plants

Plant Pots now come with built in Hand Sanitisers and PPE bins.

                                                 Plant pots for offices with hand sanitisers and ppe bins

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                                                      Rectangular Barrier plant displays and office room dividers

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