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Bold Bright Barrier Planters

22nd June 2015

Dark Grey maybe the new Black but bold & bright is also Back.

Colour trends in 2015

We are using more bold & bright primary colours to add vibrance to white and grey interiors. These retro/modern colours haven't been so popular since the 1970/80's and I'm glad they're back.

Bold & Bright Cars

My first car was an second hand Orange 1972 'K Reg' Mini Clubman. Orange is can also be seen making a come back with the latest Mini.              

                 Orange Mini from the 70's    Orange Mini 2015

                                                     1972                                                                                        2015

These bright colours look great in Modern offices. Here are some pictures from a recent Interior Planting Scheme that we installed in the Midlands.

Main Reception:

A 1.6m long Barrier trough finished in Acid Yellow looked a treat from as you walked into Reception. It also screened the entrance into the main open plan offices and was planted with dark green Cordyline plants.

                    Acid Yellow barrier planter with green Cordyline plants in Birmingham Office Reception

 Walkway into the Open Plan offices:

We used a line of Lime Green Planters alongside the walkway from the Main Reception into the open plan offices. At the end of this walkway we used a line of four barrier planters to screen the main office from the Reception entrance and to guide people to go left or right.

                                        Entrance to open plan office using tall rectangular screen planters

                                        Dracaena Gold Coast Carousel in Lime Green Barrier Planters

                               Living tropical barrier troughs used as screen planting

Walkway to Boardroom:

                    Screen Planting in Barrier troughs with kentia palm living tropical plants rented and maintaned by Office Landscapes Ltd

Open Plan Offices

Open Plan offices often need strategic screening. Instead of using plain white or grey screens, healthy living and breathing Plant Screens make a much better alternative.

 Live fully maintained Plant Displays for offices in the West Midlands   Orange  barrier planters with Schindaopsis Aureum plants

                             Light Blue Barrier Planters used as office dividers for this Birmingfham based company


Having Plant displays in staff break out areas is a great way of creating a relaxing and welcoming 'Chill out zone'.

                                Cafeteria Barrier trough

Bold & Bright Suburbia

Some people are brightening up Suburbia by painting their Front Doors bold & bright colours.

 Orange Front Door  Yellow Front Door  Dark Grey Front Door

What does the colour of your front door say about you? find out here

For the contemporary displays in the latest colours - Contact Us for a free Quote & Site Survey.

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