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Green Office Walls

5th May 2015

Office Landscapes are now supplying an extensive range of Green Walls

There are three different types; Moss Walls and artificial or live Green Walls.

Our most popular are the Moss Walls, they are simple but look really effective and the real preserved moss that we use is soft and springy to the touch - very tactile. They require virtually no maintenance, just the occasional light dusting, which long term makes then very cost effective.

View images of Moss Walls and Moss Pictures here

                                                Large Green Moss wall in companies Main Reception

 We also supply all of our Green Walls as framed pictures, miniature Green walls that you can hang on the wall like a picture.

                                                                              Living Pictures are green walls in minature


We can also supply smaller green office dividers which create natural barriers and are ideal for open plan offices.

                                                                                         Green Wall office dividers & screens

For more Information on Green Walls click here

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