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Cabinet top & Barrier Plants for new Derby offices

22nd November 2018

This new office in Derby was greatly improved with these simple but elegant Plant Displays. The emphasis was on simplicity.       We only used three types of displays - Cabinet top, Rectangular Barrier & tall Circular Displays. And only three colours – White, Charcoal & Green.

     Cabinet top plant displays give privacy to this office breakout areaTall Rectangular Barrier Plant Display create a healthy green office divider                                            This tall and elegant Plant display adds warmth to a corridor in this Derby officeTall rectangular Barrier Plant Display with Kentia Palms softens the walkway of these Derby offices

Plant Barriers

We used plants to create beautiful screens and Barriers. The tall freestanding Barrier rectangular displays can be made to any size, the ones we used here were 120cm long x 30cm front to back. The cabinet top displays were also really effective at creating lovely green screens right across the main office. They were also used in the staff breakout area to give some privacy from a nearby walkway.     

 Gorgeous, colourful Dracaena Lemon Lime plants create a green screen for these Derby offices

You can buy cabinets that come with integral planter tops, or if you already have cabinets we can get planters made to exactly fit the top of your cabinets. Another alternative is to have freestanding cabinet top displays. You can view all the options on our Cabinet top Planters blogs by clicking here

Healthy & Beautiful

Not only do plant displays look great and make your office a more welcoming & nicer place to be, there also have lots of health benefits.

For more information click on the following link

Why Plants?                                                                                                                                                              

               Bushy Kentia Palm plant fills the corner of this Derby office  White Tall Circular plant pot contrasts nicely with green leaves in this office Reception area

Make your office a place you like to be, rather than a place you have to be – Contact Us for a free quotation.

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