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Cabinet Top Plants for Coventry & Solihull offices

27th April 2018

Cabinet top plants are becoming more & more popular and we have been busy installing displays to offices in Coventry & Solihull.

Space Saving, Visible & Healthy

Space costs money and in crowded city centres it’s at a premium. That’s why cabinet top displays are so popular right now, because they don’t take up any floor space. Also they encourage employees to keep the office looking tidy, by keeping the cabinets just for the plants and not files, boxes, and tubs of Quality Street. The plants are also raised towards eye level, which means they give maximum visual impact. Then of course there are the many scientifically proven health benefits and improvements to productivity & creativity.

     Cabinet top plants in open plan Coventry offices Filing cabinet top plants for Coventry HQ offices

The cabinets shown above, came with inbuilt waterproof plant containers & greatly improved the look & feel of these Coventry open plan offices.

               Solihull offices with Sanseveria cabinet plants

This Solihull office had Sanseveria plants & staggered the planters, so they had some planted & some empty cabinet tops.

Free standing Displays available in many sizes

   Cabinet top plant displays for Solhull office Rectangular Cabinet top displays with Sanseveria plants for Coventry offices

   Circular office Cabinet top plant displays with trail in Solihull                  Cabinet & windowsill plant displays for Coventry Finance offices

Tailor Made Displays to exactly fit your Cabinets - They come in four standard sizes or can be bespoke made to exactly fit your cabinet top.

                                                Cabinet top Planters Bespoke Tailor made to any size

You can find more examples of Cabinet Top displays on the following blogs;





Love where you work with a healthier greener environment – Contact Us for a free quote.

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