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Why your office should have plants

27th April 2015

A recent new study has found that making your office a more natural environment with plants and natural daylight, has a measurable positive effect on workers.

The report by Human Spaces  surveyed 7,600 office workers across 16 countries and found that plants and natural daylight, can boost workplace productivity by 6% and increase employee well-being and creativity by 15%.

                                                                                          Why your Office needs Plants

Other studies in the UK and the Netherlands found that turning a 'lean' office green could boost worker productivity by 15%.

The report also showed that the presence of plants has a beneficial effect on employees' concentration and workplace satisfaction.

Chip DeGrace, executive creative director at Interface, said: 'We can see that working in environments with natural elements, such as greenery and sunlight, leads to a higher level of well-being and productivity, which is an important consideration for any business in terms of responsibility to its employees.'

Increasing your employees well being, productivity and health will make your business more profitable.

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Source The Telegraph

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