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Why bother with office planting?

20th June 2016

Having live plant displays in your work place really does make a difference.   

This is most noticeable when we first install plant displays to a new customer.

Often we will be delivering to brand new offices, which are normally quite minimalistic, clutter free bare walls painted in white neutral tones.

When you stop and look around, there are very few natural products in the modern office environment, even apparently natural wooden furniture and desks are often on closer inspection actually compressed particle board. Using living, growing, breathing plants really softens the office environment and makes it more welcoming, natural and habitable to be in.

Also, what a lot of people overlook, because you can't actually see it, is the many health benefits of having living plants around the office, such as absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen and filtering out chemical pollutants from all those man-made products, to name but a few.

These unseen benefits are most noticeable when you visit the plant nurseries. We do from time to time take clients over to the nurseries in Holland, so that they can hand pick the plants that they want. The nurseries are on a vast scale, covering many acres and housing many thousands of plants.

When you walk around these nurseries what you really do notice is the quality of the air. It feels very fresh and pure, a quality you would normally associate with a fresh mountain breeze far away from the polluting influence  of the urban environment.

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