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Spin & Ying Yang displays add Style to city centre Offices

28th March 2017

A splash of contemporary style was added to the brand new offices of this Financial services company.

Each of the six meeting rooms had individual themes and colour schemes, which was reflected in the choice & colour of the containers. The Tall & elegant Yang containers are sleek & modern with a slightly retro look. Each one was finished in a different colour, picked from our extensive colour charts.

                          Dracaena Song of India plant in the corner of Birmingham office Meeting Room   Ficus Ginseng Bonsai plant with great views of the The Wesleyan Birmingham office

The larger meeting rooms had floor to ceiling windows, allowing us to use flambuoyant plants such as  Ficus Ginseng Bonsai & Dracaena Song of India. Some of the smaller meeting rooms had no natural light, so low light loving plants such as Dracaena Steuderni & Dracaena Compacta were used.

                         Dracaena Variegated plant in a tall circular Yang display  View looking towards the Wesleyan Building, Colmore Circus Queensway, Birmingham

We were able to have a bit of fun in the staff breakout area using funky Spin containers finished in Hot Pink!

                Funky Spin containers in Hot Pink look superb in this office breakout area

The customer was very pleased at how much difference the plant displays made to the offices.

For a small weekly cost you can improve the look, health & productivity of your offices, with rented & fully maintained plants from Office Landscapes.

To find out more & for a free quote Contact Us

Office Landscapes - Greening the Grey for over 40 Years!

                                          Artificial Orchid table top display for the main Reception

                Tall circular Spin displays with Yucca Elephatipes plants

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