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Latest Plant Display designs for new offices

20th May 2014

A Contemporary Planting scheme showcasing some of our latest products was installed into the new Birmingham offices of a Health Trust Europe.

The client wanted to create the maximum impact with a small number of displays located in the main Reception and first floor breakout area. After a number of consultations the planting scheme had taken shape. A selection of our latest plant display designs were chosen to compliment the new modern and minimalistic offices.

              Main office Reception plant displays   

For the main Reception we used tall Yang containers finished in a mid grey colour chosen from the RAL colour chart range. The containers are over a metre tall and were planted with lovely Ficus Benjamina Exotica plants with open box braided stems. A purple desk top display was used on the Reception desk planted with mixed planting which included a colourful Croton Petra.

              Office Breakout area curvy trough plant displays     Office Breakout area curvy trough plant displays close up

Tall curvy rectangular displays were grouped together in the breakout area, simply planted with Sansiveria Laurentii living tropical plants.

             Tall circular Spin displays loctaed in front of window blinds

Elsewhere we used one of my favourite displays, tall circular 'Spin' containers finished in Hot Pink - ribbed and groovy! Planted with leafy green Aspidistra Elatior live plants.

             Superline Conica + Guzmania plants in the CEOS office

For the CEO's office orange flowering Guzmania plants were chosen, to match the orange seat cushions in the chairs and were planted into a high quality brushed stainless steel Superline Conica planter.

             Main office Reception tall Yang plant displays close up  


             Purple desk top display close up

We can design planting schemes to match your building and your budget contact us today for a free no obligation consultation.

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