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Green Spaces Matter the COVID-19 Pandemic has reminded us

27th January 2021

Green spaces have really mattered to people during the Covid Pandemic and have helped us all get through lockdown. As people start to return to their offices employers want to bring the health benefits of being around live plants and trees into their workplaces.

                                             Greenwall with a variety of office plants in this West Midlands Breakout Area

People told us that during the pandemic: “[nature] Helps keep me sane, reduces my anxiety”, “Nature calms me, makes me feel well” , “I’m in walking distance of some greenery, it’s just rough grass but without it I truly believe my state of mind would suffer”. Source - www.groundwork.org.uk read article here 

 A selection of tall square  Cubis plants outside a lift in this Birmingham officeTall curvy pots with Sansevieria plants in this Midlands city centre office

Bringing the Outdoors In

One of our latest customers wanted to install live office plants into their workplace to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to make the office a more natural, welcoming and calming place to be. After we installed the plants one member of staff commented "They look really good that's just what the office needed!" read the blog here

Almost half the population (46%) are spending more time outside than before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In addition, 42% of adults reported that ‘nature and wildlife is more important than ever to my wellbeing’. Source – gov.uk read article here

                                              Live Picture XL Greenwall wall mounted plant display for this office breakout area

Another customer recently commented – “I would be very keen to get some interior planting as I am well aware of the benefits of plants within the internal environment in terms of supporting mental health and a real ‘feel good’ factor.  They also provide a softening for what can be fairly sterile academic environments”.

Going Green Made Easy

Making your offices healthy and greener couldn’t be easier, we at Office Landscapes can advise you on what sort of interior planting scheme would work best for your workplace. Our quotations are free and with no obligation. If you decide to proceed there is no initial outlay, no money to pay upfront just a small monthly invoice that we ask you to pay after we have installed the Plant Displays.

If you would like to make your workplace a greener and healthier place to be please contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

 Cabinet top planters with Aglaonema Maria plants provide green barriers in this Birmingham Office  Cabinet Top plant displays for this Birmingham Lawyers office

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