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Green Offices Improve Productivity, Concentration and Wellbeing.

28th January 2014

In new research Scientists have found that having pot plants near your desk enhances your performance. In a couple of experiments they proved that the concentration of office workers improved over time when there were leaves nearby. The reason say the researchers ' from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences ' is that plants provide 'micro restorative experiences'. Which means that looking at them even for a few seconds, gives the mind mini holidays, constantly refreshing it. Workers with office windows have been found to be more patient and enthusiastic, to get less frustrated and to take fewer days off sick ' provided their view is of greenery. But plants, it is thought, may be even better for productivity because they offer fewer distractions. Source 'The Telegraph' - Geoffrey Lean

What a difference a Plant makes - Before and After.      

 Office corridor before plants are installed     Office corridor after plants are installed

Before Plants College Reception    After Plants College Reception

For more Before and After pictures click on the following links;

Before and After Plant Display Installations

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