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Desk plants make you more productive

11th August 2014

Office plants offer "micro-restoration"--the chance for our brains to recharge throughout the day.

                                                                    Desk Plants increase office workers productivity

Being in an 'unnatural' office environment every day can rouse our appreciation and desire for nature. Employees with windows that have a view of greenery report themselves more satisfied than those with views of other buildings or urban streets. Source; 'Landscape & Urban Planning Journal'

Whilst employees in windowless offices tend to hang pictures dominated by nature and they are five times more likely to buy plants to put around their offices. Source;   'Environment & Behavior Journal article1'    'Environment & Behavior Journal article2'

'There's a long line of evidence tracing how the brain benefits from nature'. Two recent studies have measured the effect that plants have on the productivity of office workers. View article 1  / View article 2

Psychologists Rachel and Stephen Kaplan of the University of Michigan have investigated the 'micro restorative' impact of desk plants and the results of recent studies have been especially impressive. Kaplan hopes this type of research convinces designers and employers to see desk plants as essential office supplies rather than perks or amenities reserved for senior workers.

Source Fast CoDesign ' Click here to view the full article

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