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Corten Steel Displays for Birmingham Offices

30th January 2019

These naturally rusted plant displays looked a real treat when planted with some healthy green plants, in this Birmingham Office & Showroom.

Corten Steel

Corten Steel also known as weather resistant steel, is a very strong steel alloy. As soon as Corten steel is exposed to the elements it will naturally weather and develop a protective layer of rust. This natural fixed coating of rust provides protection against further corrosion. Characteristic of Corten Steel is the brown orange rust colour and it’s longevity. This rusting process can take 4-5 months to complete.

                                  Corten Steel circular plant Display for this office in Birmingam

Healthy Bushy Green

We used high leaf count “Branched” plants which not only look great visually but also give the offices the maximum health benefits. Plants with more leaves absorb more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen. They also clean the air we breathe, by removing chemical toxins present in our indoor environment.

                                                      Birmingham office with large Corten Steel Rectangular Plant Displays

Shapes & Sizes

Corten steel containers come in various shapes & sizes. For this job we used tapered circular displays and big 2m long Rectangular displays. In the open space of the showroom noise was an issue, so we used taller plants to help with sound deadening. In the offices we used lower plants to allow plenty of natural light into the offices.

 Corten Steel Plant Containers for use inside the office or out

If you would like to improve the look and health of your workspace Contact Office Landscapes for a free no obligation quotation.

Rectangular Corten Steel rusted finish Displays in Car Showroom Corten Steel Plant Display in Birmingham office window corner

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 Sanseveria Corten steel Plant Displays in B31 offices Birmingham office garden Buxus Corten steel plant displays Rusty corten steel plant display with  Kentia Palm

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