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4.0m Phoenix Palms add finishing touch to Restaurant.

1st October 2013

4.0m Phoenix Palms add finishing touch to Stratford Upon Avon office Restaurant

Office Landscapes added the finishing touch to a recently refurbished Restaurant, with an imaginative interior landscaping scheme.

The staff restaurant is part of our clients main Headquarters building and is set in nine acres of beautiful landscaped grounds on the edge of the greenbelt.

The client wanted the interior landscaping scheme to soften the Restaurant and give staff a relaxing natural green environment in which they could unwind at lunchtime. It needed be contemporary whilst still fitting in with the rural country location.


Interior landscaping restaurants


Classic brushed stainless steel containers were chosen to compliment the new interior. Whilst for maximum visual impact and to make use of the high ceiling space, large 4.0m specimen Phoenix Palms were used as central focus points against the exposed brick walls.

Because the natural light levels were insufficient for Large Palms trees, Office Landscapes solved this problem by specifying real preserved Phoenix Palms plants. The trunk and foliage are real and the Palm leaves are preserved so that they retain their shape and colour without deteriorating.

Additional smaller circular and rectangular displays were also used throughout the Restaurant to
compliment the large trees.


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