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Would You Be Happier Living in a Greener Urban Area?

17th December 2013

A recent study which followed 10,000 people over an 18 year period showed that happiness & wellbeing were significantly improved by urban greenery.

The study found was that in years when the participants lived closer to green parks and woodlands their mental distress was lower, there was less depression and their life satisfaction was higher, they were happier with their overall life. Read the article click here

These findings agree with a number of scientific studies conducted on the benefits of having green plants inside office environments. These studies show that making your workplaces greener with professionally maintained plant displays, improves the health and productivity of employees. Absenteeism and health complaints are reduced and productivity and creativity are boosted.

The results of this study and many others tell us that we are happier when we are living side by side to natural green plants and trees.

For more information on the Health Benefits of having live plants at work click here

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 Happier in green urban areas

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