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Plants for Schools

17th December 2013

Office Landscapes install a Contemporary exterior Landscaping Scheme for St Thomas' School.

Our brief was to create maximum visual impact in front of the newly refurbished school building. After reviewing different plant options the Trapycarpus Fortunei was chosen as the most suitable tree for the job. Sourced from specialist nurseries the 3.5m trees were delivered direct to the School from the growers in Holland.  Large specially made fibreglass plant containers were colour matched to compliment the Schools colour scheme and the trees were planted with small Euonymus plants around the base. The plants should feel right at home in their new location as they are south facing and will get plenty of Sunshine.

Plant Facts:

The Trapycarpus Fortunei is originally from China, India and Japan and is also known as the Chinese Windmill Palm. It has been cultivated for thousands of years for its very strong leaf sheath fibre, which is used for making rope, sacks and other coarse cloth. In 1849 Robert Fortune smuggled Windmill Palm trees from China to Royal Kew Horticultural Gardens. The Windmill Palm was later named Trapycarpus Fortunei after him.

plants displays for school

 plants displays installed for school

 Trapycarpus Palm plants for school

 Exterior Landscaping Trapycarpus Palm plants for school

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