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Plants can Talk

16th February 2015

Talking to plants was highlighted by Prince Charles. When asked about his habits in the garden, Prince Charles replied: "I just come and talk to the plants, really - very important to talk to them, they respond."

Listen to your Plants talking

Now anyone with a computer or synthsizer can hear their plants talk, using a newly developed biofeedback machine called 'Midi Sprout'

          Midi Sprout Video

Plants Play a Musical Quartet

These four plants were used to produce a musical quartet.

          Plants Rock

On lead sythensiser was a Philodendren

On Rhythm tone generator - Schefflera Number 1

On Bass Synthsiser ' Schefflera Number 2

Controlling ambience and effects ' Sansiveria

Listen to the Plant Quartet here

    Data Garden Quartet

Data Garden explores these ideas and more through QUARTET, an audio installation allowing humans to experience the biorhythms of plants as music.

The musical compositions in QUARTET are generated by the electronic impulses produced by four tropical plants. This information, interpreted by humans with the help of computers, is employed to organize sound into beauty perceivable by the human ear. While the means of producing this beauty can be described in technical terms, the natural creative force generating this experience is less apparent.

How it Works

Sam Cusumano, the projects engineer explains, the MIDI Sprout works as part of an electrical circuit. Two probes are attached to the leaves of your house plant. A current passes across the probes and through the leaf. MIDI Sprout measures the tiny fluctuations in conductivity on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis. These fluctuations are then artistically translated within the MIDI Sprout into Musical Instrument Digital Interface signals which are converted into sounds by another piece of kit. If there is no recorded fluctuation there is no sound produced.

The team believes that these tiny fluctuations are the biological processes going on within the plant.

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