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Plants can learn & remember

17th March 2014

Some interesting study results show that plants can learn and remember and that this memory lasts for at least four weeks.

Recent studies have shown that plants can store and recall biological data. But research by Monica Gagliano and fellow scientists of the University of Western Australia goes much further. This study offers proof that plants not only learn from experience, but remember what they have learned for at least four weeks. Dr Gagliano and her colleagues admit that they do not conclusively know how plants - lacking brains or neural tissue - learn and remember. One theory is that all of creation comes from an unmanifest infinite field of creativity and intelligence and that everything in the world displays varying degrees of this creative intelligence.

To view the article click on the following link;                                                                                                                                   http://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2014/01/botany?fsrc=scn/gp/wl/bl/memoryinplants

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