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Plants at Nishkam School create a warm & friendly environment

4th February 2014

Plants at Nishkam School creates a warm & friendly environment in keeping with schools vision; 'the school should be designed to be a warm friendly place with a homelike environment'¦.The Birmingham Primary School is a multi faith school and was conceived on the principle of nishkam sewa (selfless service) with the school being built and fitted out by many community volunteers.

The planting scheme used three neutral contemporary colours for the plant containers, silver, charcoal grey and white. The style of containers included tall tapered square Cubis, low round circular Classico and rectangular containers. Living tropical plants were used throughout the building and in some low light areas very realistic artificial trees were used, which included Bamboo and green Maple trees.

                        Nishkam School circular classico displays    Nishkam School Cubis display with a Kentia Palm plant

                        Nishkam School display with an artificial Bamboo plant   Nishkam School rectangular displays with Sansiveria Laurentii

                        Plants for Academy Schools

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