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Our Daily Lives Depend on Plants

15th June 2015

It's amazing how much of our daily lives are dependent on plants'¦

When we wake up in the morning we take a breath and we can thank plants for the oxygen in the air.

There's a good chance we would have been sleeping in cotton sheets or wearing a cotton T-shirt - cotton is made out of plants.

When we eat breakfast, toast, cereal, oats, croissant, they all come from grains which come from plants.

Orange juice  and fruit ' plants. Coffee and Tea ' plants.

Driving to work ' petrol comes from oil and oil comes from millions of plants breaking down over millions of years.

Do you sit at a wooden desk, write on paper ' plants.

We live and work in more densely populated houses and offices and are becoming more disconnected from nature.

                                                             Plants are important in our daily lives

Having Plants in our homes & offices not only reconnects us with Nature, but also give many other Health Benefits.                                                       

Plants improve air quality ' releasing oxygen, humidifying the air and filtering out chemical pollutants. They also improve health, reduce stress and increase creativity.

Plants are essential to life and are an inexpensive way to improve your life. Experts are now recognising the importance of Biophilia - that instinctive bond between human beings and nature.

To find out more have a look at this inspiring video...


Office Landscapes make getting plants for your workplace really easy  and the best part is we look after them for you.

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This Blog is based on the video - Skyscraper farms and edible walls - Living Architecture: Jim Mumford at TEDxYouth@SanDiego

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