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Office Plants help prevent COVID-19 in the West Midlands

3rd December 2020

We recently installed plants into offices at a Corporate HQ in the West Midlands. The client wanted to create green planted walkways and green screens in between office desks to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

                                                         Office cabinet top plants create COVID-19 secure green walkways for West Midlands HQ

The Benefits of Plants in offices:

These plant displays were specifically used to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the Midlands as well as giving all of the marvellous Health Benefits that office plants bring to offices, such as supporting mental health and adding a real ‘feel good’ factor. They also provide a softening for what can be fairly sterile office environments.

One of the members of staff said "They look really good that's just what the office needed!"

   Green office walkways and plant screens for desks at this West Midlands Corporate HQ Tailor made bespoke cabinet top plant displays and green desk screens for West Midlands office

Tailor Made Plant Displays:

The existing office cabinets had no provision for plants, so we had some plant containers tailor made to exactly fit on top of the cabinets. This gives a very clean and professional look as the plant displays appear to be an integral part of the cabinets.

  Plants on top of cabinets create green desk screens to prevent COVID-19 for Midlands offices Green Plants used on top of cabinets create a Covid-19 secure walkway in this Midlands office

Different Plant Varieties:

Part of the design of this Planting Scheme was to maximise the visual impact and contemporary look of the plant displays in keeping with the look  of the newly refurbished offices. This was achieved by grouping the same plant varieties together in different areas and on different floors.

                                              Screens with green plants and office desk dividers for West Midlands HQ building

Tailor Made Displays to exactly fit your Cabinets - They come in four standard sizes OR can be bespoke made to exactly fit your cabinet top.

                                                              Cabinet Top Plant Displays Tailor made bespoke

We can help make your workplace Greener, Healthier and more Productive. So contact us & get a free quote and be part of the Green Revolution!

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