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Office Plants on Walls & Cabinets – space saving & eye-catching

4th July 2019

Office plants on the walls and cabinets of your office is the perfect solution when floor space is in short supply.

We offer three different types of planting, the newest and one of the most popular is our Live Picture “Mini Green Walls”

       Wall mounted interior landsaping for this Nottingham office breakout area

They come in lots of different sizes and the ones shown above are 152cm wide x 72cm high. This type of interior landscaping is very eye catching because they are mounted on the wall at eye level.

   Live Picture Mini Green Walls plants for offices in Nottingham Wall mounted interior lanscaping in Nottingham offices

  Live Picture mini Green Wall plants for the office in Nottingham  Plants for hire on walls in this Nottingham office

 Wall mounted mini Green Wall plants for offices  Wall mounted interior landscaping for greener walls

 Cabinet top Displays

Cabinet top displays can be freestanding rectangular planters placed on top of the cabinets, or we can also supply purpose made Cabinet Toppers. These “Toppers” cover the whole of the cabinet top and add a big visual impact and all the associated health, productivity and wellbeing benefits for your staff!

Free Standing Plant Displays for office cabinets:

There are lots of different shapes & sizes we can use on top of cabinets and desks. Most popular are rectangular, but we can also use circular & square. Not only do they add some highly visible greenery to your office, they also discourage a build up of messy clutter, that can accumulate on some cabinet tops.

               Interior plants for cabinets in Nottingham office  Large circular cabinet top plants for the office in Nottingham

          Office plant large rectangular cabinet display for this Nottingham office  Cabinet top rectangular interior plants for hire in Nottingham offices

         Interior Plants Orchid desk bowl for Nottingham office Reception  Lush leafy office Cabinet Interior Landscaping plants for Nottingam Breakout area

Cabinet Toppers – Cover the whole of the cabinet top:

Often the cabinets will come with ready made planting areas already built in. One of the manufacturers who offer this option are Bisley. Here’s some pictures of recent installations we have done…

             Plants for the office Cabinet top displays

        Cabinet top Sansevieria interior office plants Nottingham  Sansevieria cabinet top interior plants

Aftermarket Cabinet Toppers:

If your cabinets haven’t got planting areas already built in that’s absolutely fine, we can get some made to fit the exact dimensions of your cabinet tops. Here’s one we recently installed…

                                                 Cabinet Toppers interior landscaping plants for this Nottingham office

Whatever your requirement is we can offer a green solution!

If you want to make your office a nicer, healthier and more productive place to work in. Contact Us for a Free quotation, expert advice and an onsite visit.

Office Landscapes Greening the Grey since 1970.

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 Plant on shelves interior landscaping in Nottingham


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