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New Natural Plant Displays range for Midlands offices

8th August 2019

Proving really popular are our new range of Natural Planters, which we have been installing into three Midlands offices in Cannock, Derby & Nottingham.

This range has some beautiful and imaginative designs, ideal for our customers who want something a little bit different. View the Natural Planters Brochure here

Here’s some we’ve recently installed…

Rocky Planters

Tall & low circular containers with a lovely textured finish, available in Smoke Granite (shown below) or Sepia (Brown) Granite. In the large circular displays below we have used Schindapsus Gold Capella plants, which are ideal for direct sunlight locations.

              Tall Rocky Plant Display & Schefflera Gold Capella in the window of this first floor office landing Rocky Tall Plant Displays with a Ficus Alii on a glass feature wall in a Derby office reception

                                         Large Circular Rocky office Plant Displays with Schefflera Gold Capella bring the outside in

Lava Planters

Similar to the Rocky planters but with different size & colour options of White, Grey & Black.  The ones below were for a Nottingham office Reception. The larger pot (below left) is 57cm diameter x 120cm high – a real statement plant display!

                   Extra Large Lava Plant pot in this Cannock HQ office Reception  Ficus Ginseng Bonsai plants in Lava containers for this Midlands Office Reception

Curved Vase ( Natural Range)

Really nice plant pots with a ribbed horizontal lines textured finish. We used these throughout these Derby offices and for the Factory Showroom. The plant in the white pot is a Dracaena Marginarta Bicolour.

                  Curved White Vase with Dracaena Marginarta Bicolour plant for this Cannock Sales office  Small Derby office canteen has a Curved vase in Iron planted with a Sansevieria Zeylanica plants

                                           Tall Curved Vase with a Kentia Palm plant for this Nottingham factory HQ offices showroom

Firewood Planters

This Cannock customer wanted a natural Jungle look for some of their office breakout areas. So we used bushy, leafy green plants to give a wild green Jungle feel.

          Circular Firewood Plant Display gives a natural Jungle feel to this Nottingham office rest area Tall Firewood Plant Display with a bushy Ficus Elastica gives a natural green feel to these offices

Ribbed Planters

This Midlands office had two different types of Ribbed planters. The Fjord desk planter which was planted with flowering Phalaenopsis Orchids plants and floor standing rectangular Julius containers, finished in Antique Lead.

 Fjord Oval desk plant pot with white Phalaenopsis Orchids for this Derby office Recption Julius ribbed rectangular display in Antique Lead finish makes a feature of a plain office wall

Patterned Design Planters

Mosaic (below left) and Sea Shore Plant planters looked a treat in the Meeting Room and office of this West Midlands company. The plant on the right is a lovely leafy variegated plant called a Schindapsus Aureum.

   Mosiac Planter with a branched Yucca plant in this Derby office meeting room Sea Shore Plant Display with a Schidnapsus Aureum in Nottingham office

Vita Vase

A gorgeous finish ideal for high profile locations such as this Cannock office Boardroom. The ones we used below were Eggshell Brown pots & planted with ball headed Ficus Alii. They are also available in Eggshell white.

                   Vita eggshell Brown pot with a Ficus Alii plant sunbathes in this Midlands office Boardroom Vita vase in eggshell brown plant pot used in this Cannock office Meeting Room

Make you offices more natural, healthy & green contact us for a free quote.

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