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More Office Plant less Pot

29th August 2019

Our most popular displays are tall plant pot displays, which tend to be less plant & more pot, this is a design trend that started around 2003. Before then plants in offices used lower pots with taller plants.

More Plant less Pot

We are starting to see this trend go full circle, with some our customers now asking for interior landscaping with lower pots and taller plants.

Less Green Spaces in our Cities

With urban green spaces being swallowed up by City Living apartments & urban regeneration, there is a feeling that we need more greenery in our offices and daily lives. More green spaces less buildings, more plant less pot.

Here are some plants that we have recently installed for office interiors in the West Midlands, with lower pots & more plant.

            Beautiful Croton plant in the Reception of this Midlands office      Bright orange plant display contrasts with a blue office door

            A compact Philodrendron Scanden plant fits into a small space between two office cabinets Low square display next to office cabinet with a Dracaena Janet Craig Branched plant

Another customer in a Birmingham city centre office, wanted a simple planting scheme with the emphasis of introducing lots more plants & greenery, to create a natural calming "green jungle" feel. We used a simple white colour for the containers, which is the perfect contrast to the dark green colour of the plants.

More Plant More Health Benefits

More plant less pot also gives more health benefits. The bigger and bushier the plant foliage the more the plant will photosynthesise, which means that the plant is absorbing more Co2 and air borne pollutants and releasing more Oxygen. Large plants also give the added benefit of absorbing sound, making open plan offices quieter.

           Healthy green plants bring a healthy sense of calm to this Birmimgham office Large Kentia Palm plants brings a healthy green jungle feel to this West Midlands office

                  Bushy Green Palm plants add privacy & screening to these Midlands office Meeting Booths

Best of Both Worlds

If you prefer taller pots but would also like lots of bushy greenery, we can provide tall pots with big bushy plants. Here's a group of three plant displays we installed in a Birmingham city centre office.

               Group of three planrt displays make a feature of an empty corner in this West Midlands office

Find a perfect solution to making your office greener and contact us for a free quote.

We rent & maintain Plant Displays for a small weekly charge, with no upfront costs.

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