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Latest Design Trends – Concrete Look Planters

10th April 2017

Exposed Concrete used as an Interior design Feature.

Exposed concrete is a popular design feature for modern interiors  and was first used by the architect Le Corbusier in the 1950s

Our new range of Concrete Planters are the perfect compliment to modern stripped down / industrial looking interiors.       

      Cement Cigar Planters for office interiors Cement Cigar planters close up

Interior Concrete Planters:

The interior planters are made from a lightweight polystone material and come in a number of different shapes & styles.

The Cigar planters (shown above) have a modern & stylish shape which look great with spiky architectural plants. They have a smooth & pourous surface and their warm grey neutral colour means they will fit in well with most modern colour schemes.

                                      Concrete Essence Planters

Exterior Concrete Planters:

Our Division range of Cement Planters (shown below) are made for exterior use. They are frost resistant & heavy, which makes them ideal for using outside as they’re very stable & not easily blown over by strong winds. They are made from reinforced fibre cement, which makes them durable & easy to care for.

                                              Division Concrete Planters for office exteriors  

                          Division Concrete planter close up

See our new range of cement look planters in our latesr Brochure - on pdf pages pages 30-36 & 40-50  View Brochure here

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