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Journey of a plant - from Costa Rica to your office

2nd January 2014

We often get asked where our plants come from, well that's a very good question.

Journey of an office plant to the west midlands

                                    They start their lives growing in fields in places like Costa Rica.

Then they are packed into containers as bare rooted trees and shipped overseas to the nurseries in Holland,   a journey which takes 2-3 weeks.  During this time the plants remain dormant and shed many of their leaves.

The plants are then nurtured in the ideal nursery conditions to recover from their long dark journey. This can take anything from a few weeks to 6-12 months depending on the plant variety.

Plants growing in nurseries for offices in London

Once the plants have reached peak condition they will be packed, loaded and dispatched from the Nurseries in Holland and delivered to the Office Landscapes Depot.

Plants being transpoted for offices in the midlands

The Office Landscapes installation team will then plant them into the plant containers chosen by the customer and then the Displays are delivered to the customer's offices.

The plant improves the office environment journeys end

From Costa Rica to the Great Britain,  the journeys end for the plant is an office in Birmingham. Where it not only looks good but also makes a healthy addition to the office environment.

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