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How to Improve Office Productivity

26th May 2015

Lighting, Atmosphere and Plants are three of the best ways you can improve office productivity, according to a recent study.

This research is highlighted in an excellent infographic which can be viewed here                            

                        Lighting Atmosphere & Plants


Lighting & Atmosphere

Often overlooked Lighting is  a great way to improve employees wellbeing and happiness. Another way to improve the working amosphere are the colours that you choose to paint your office walls.


Research carried out by the University of Exeter & NASA found that plants can

1)  Increase well-being

2) Increase Creativity

3) Increase Productivity

4) Filter & Purify air

                        Plants help create a happy and productive workforce      

                        Plants help create a happy and healthy workforce         

We can make an instant impact on your workplace with healthy green, fully maintained Plant Displays.

To find out more or for a free quotation Contact Us      

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