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Grey is the new Black

2nd March 2015

Dark Grey aka Anthracite or Charcoal is definitely the colour of the moment. It was as popular choice in 2014 and we have already supplied Charcoal Grey plant displays to three new offices in the first few weeks of 2015.

                                   Soaking up carbon dioxide and making Oxygen

 Grey or Green?

Denfield a Marketing Agency based in Leamington Spa wanted to improve their offices with some healthy plants. Green plant containers were originally considered to match the green in the company logo. However dark grey plant containers were finally chosen as a good contrasting colour to the green in the logo and the green leaves of the plant.

                             Dark grey contrasts well with the green leaves of the plant      Green plant displays looking gorgeous

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Dark Grey in different shapes and sizes

For Denfield's offices we used different shapes and sizes of plant container and different varieties of plants. This diversity was tied together by using the same colour for all the planters, an idea best summed up by that ancient eastern mantra 'Unity in Diversity'

       Ficus Benjamina Open Braided display on top of the trap door to the WW2 Air Raid shelter   Exterior Landscaping for Denfield Leamington Spa

 World War 2 Bunker

The premises used to be a School and the large Reception display was to be positioned over a trap door to a cellar. The cellar was used during World War 2 as an air raid bunker for the school children. We supplied a low square Quadro container on wheels, so the display could be easily moved when access is required.

Healthy Green Oxygen Making Machines

Plants are a natural choice for making an office more aesthetically pleasing. But that's not the whole story, there are also many unseen health benefits that plants bring to your workplace.

Absorbing carbon dioxide and manufacturing oxygen / Filtering out harmful chemical pollutants from the air that you breathe / Increasing humidity and reducing noise.

To find out more hidden health benefits click here.

           Plants make break out areas more relaxing      This plant display creates a green screen between the office and meeting room window

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                                                                   Healthy green oxygen making machine

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