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Green cities message is being acted on

17th April 2014

A recent example of this is the new £189M Library that has been opened in Birmingham. The library features two roof gardens where 10,000 flowers and shrubs have been planted in the roof terrace flower beds. Click on the following links to see more on the Birmingham Library Roof Top Gardens >  http://bit.ly/1h3rlXe  and   http://dexpr.es/1l1JX1X

Making our working environments greener is becoming accepted as standard practise for many businesses. It's good to see that as well as companies adding Plant Displays to their offices, developers and district councils are also creating greener buildings and public spaces.

                                                               Healthy green cities

A recent article from the BBC highlighted new research that Green spaces have lasting positive effects on peoples mental well-being. The study conducted by the University of Exeter showed that people living in greener urban areas displayed fewer signs of depression or anxiety. To view the article click http://bbc.in/KPUvAo

The most recent commitment to creating Green Urban spaces comes from the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, with the announcement to create three Garden Cities. He said "These plans will show that we can build beautifully designed new communities which preserve the gardens and accessible green spaces that residents most value." Read more: http://bbc.in/1kW8UvB

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