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Ecobuild Seminar

7th April 2015

We recently hired plant displays to the Colmore Row offices of Cundall Ltd in Birmingham. It coincided with a seminar that was being given highlighting the Benefits of having Living tropical plants in offices, especially the improvemnts in air quality.

 Cundall Colmore Row Reception plant display      Cubis Charcoal grey with Kentia Palm

Alan Fogarty, Cundall's Sustainability Partner, focused on how plants in buildings improve air quality. This is on the back of research by Cundall into how common plants have a positive impact on air quality in spaces when subjected to sufficient levels of daylight.

A focus on energy saving has led to modern buildings being sealed environments, leading to poor air quality and in some cases 'Sick Building Syndrome'. This can have serious effects on the health and well-being of occupants.

Also referenced was a quote from a NASA report. If man is to move into closed environments on Earth or in space he must take along nature's life support system: plants.

Cundall office break out area   Plant Display in the main office entrance

 Plants create a better enviorment to work in

 Start enjoying the benefits of having health green plants in your offices by requesting a free quote from Office Landscapes today.

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