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Cut the Fresh Flowers Bill and save your company over a £1000 a year

17th December 2013

Fresh flower displays are often used on office Reception Desks and Boardroom Tables to create a good first impression to visitors. However in the current economic climate there are other ways of creating an equally good first impression, at a fraction of the cost.

A fresh flower displays typically costs about £30.00 per week - £1560 per year.

However if you were to replace that with a longer lasting multi stemmed 'Statement Orchid display' costing £8-10 per week, £520 per year!!

Your company would save £1040 a year.

                                                                                      Fresh Flowers and plants for office receptions

All displays are supplied and fully maintained by Office Landscapes.                                                                             

Other even more cost effective ways of creating that vital first impression are to use live plant displays or artificial floral displays on your office Reception desk.     
       Fresh Flowers and plants for office receptions

   Office Landscapes supplying Interior Landscaping and Plant displays - rented and fully maintained.                  

                                                           Get a free no obligation quotation today

          t: 0121-622-6000 w: http://officelandscapes.co.uk

                Picture below shows floorstanding displays planted with Orchids and white flowering Spathiphyllum Sensation

                                                          Flowering plants for office receptions



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